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You’ve probably often heard that search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential to marketing. SEO makes every website more accessible and visible by typing specific keywords into Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search platforms. It is a valuable tool that, when used to its full potential, can make your business more visible, connect you with potential customers and increase your customer base. How does this process work? Our experts will help you understand and master this seemingly complex process!

How does external SEO work?

External links are a significant indicator for Google search engines – external links increase a website’s rankings, reach, credibility and user visibility. External links make a website more relevant, more accessible for users to find and trust online. This increases interest and natural search, leading to more and more new users finding the website, promoting the brand online and ensuring the website’s reputation. Google perceives every quality link that leads to a page on your website as a sign that the website contains essential, relevant and exciting information, which is why your website pages are worth showing up in search engine results for specific keywords (queries).

How does internal SEO work?

Internal SEO optimisation is carried out to improve the overall performance of a website – the internal structure, usability, clarity and quality of the content provided to users (and therefore to search engines). Google search engines carry out this process by automatically highlighting the most important, most visible websites. Internal SEO includes: keyword selection for each website, website copywriting, optimisation of URLs, headings, meta-data, creation of an internal network of links, organisation of meta-descriptions, organisation of titles. In-house SEO will increase a website’s reach rankings, as improving a website’s position in the natural search engine results will increase user traffic.

When can I expect a result?

It will take around 6-12 months to see the first results regarding increased website traffic. It is difficult to predict precisely, as it takes time for Google search engines to evaluate your website, decide that it is valuable and bring it to the top of their searches. In addition, the competitive environment (SEO efforts, volume), etc., also determine the results.


  • Comprehensive website content analysis;

  • Optimisation of website code and structure (link building);

  • Optimisation of website content (keyword research, content writing).

What can you expect?

  • We will identify the needs of your audience and help you understand your customers more profoundly and coherently;

  • We will conduct thorough analyses and SEO website evaluation;

  • We will check the health and performance of the website;

  • Attract potential customers and increase your website’s online reach;

  • Increase traffic and goals: LEAD, sales, and more.

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Nemokamas internetinės svetainės auditas

Internetinės svetainės auditas – tai procedūra, kurios metu išanalizavus įmonės rinkodaros strategiją įvertinamas internetinės svetainės efektyvumas, stipriosios ir silpnosios pusės. Tokiu būdu gerinamas našumas bei pasiekiama dar geresnių rezultatų.

Social media marketing

Socialiniai tinklai yra puikus būdas pagerinti komunikaciją su savo klientais. Tai priemonė, kuri padeda sužinoti žmonių, su kuriais dirbate, lūkesčius, norus ir tikslus.

Free Facebook Ads Audit

Siekiant žinoti, kas veikia, o ką reikėtų dar tobulinti, pasitelkiamas Facebook Ads auditas, padedantis gerinti klientų veiklą.

Free Google Ads Audit

Atlikus nemokamą Google Ads auditą, klientui pateikiama išsami analizė su konkrečiais patarimais, kaip galima dar labiau tobulėti ir judėti toliau.

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Free SEO Audit

A free SEO audit is a tool that helps determine whether you are well-visible in search engines. During the audit, we identify the most significant issues. By entrusting this task to our team of professionals, you will improve much faster.

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