Facebook Ads

Regular brand communication and Facebook ads serve not only as a channel. It’s a tool that helps consumers have a stronger connection with you.

This is also the principle behind Facebook Ads – posts created to attract new users, raise awareness and build trust. One Facebook Ad can now engage and attract thousands of new users in one day, encouraging them to engage and buy.

“Facebook, while maintaining its leadership among other social networks, has fundamentally transformed the ad creation process. Each ad now has a target audience based on specific indicators: age, location, interests, searches on other websites. This is what makes Facebook advertising unique – it grows audiences vigorously.

Our team of experts, who work on social networks daily, will ensure your ads are effective, engaging, visually appealing, and just right for your company!


  1. Creation and launch of conversion-optimised Facebook Ads;

  2. Analysing and optimising the reach of ads every month;

  3. Deep segment analyses to purify your potential audience;

  4. Cost optimization, profitability boost.

What can you expect?

  1. We’ll achieve profit-driven results – more consumers, new customers who engage and buy;

  2. Getting your company’s name out there – more new people finding you;

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Nemokamas internetinės svetainės auditas

Internetinės svetainės auditas – tai procedūra, kurios metu išanalizavus įmonės rinkodaros strategiją įvertinamas internetinės svetainės efektyvumas, stipriosios ir silpnosios pusės. Tokiu būdu gerinamas našumas bei pasiekiama dar geresnių rezultatų.

Social media marketing

Social networks are a great way to improve communication with your customers. It is a tool that helps you learn about the expectations, desires and goals of the people you work with.

Free Facebook Ads Audit

Siekiant žinoti, kas veikia, o ką reikėtų dar tobulinti, pasitelkiamas Facebook Ads auditas, padedantis gerinti klientų veiklą.

Free Google Ads Audit

Atlikus nemokamą Google Ads auditą, klientui pateikiama išsami analizė su konkrečiais patarimais, kaip galima dar labiau tobulėti ir judėti toliau.

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Free SEO Audit

A free SEO audit is a tool that helps determine whether you are well-visible in search engines. During the audit, we identify the most significant issues. By entrusting this task to our team of professionals, you will improve much faster.

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