Social media marketing

Thanks to thoughtful communication, you can become part of your customers’ lives today and communicate effectively with them daily. We’ll help you get to know your customers better, understand their desires and expectations.

With thoughtful communication, you can become part of your customers’ lives today and communicate effectively with them daily. We’ll help you get to know your customers better, understand their wishes and expectations. Our job is to create content that is engaging for the user. We are always looking for new and exciting ways of marketing. We want to reach the heart of every consumer, to interest and engage them. Our team believes that success is not about big budgets. Success comes from knowledge, ideas and creative communication.

We focus on customer success. Words and promises must become visible results.

Social network administration

  1. We analyse the current situation and conduct an audit.

  2. We identify the target audience.

  3. We develop a strategy and prepare it for social networks.

  4. We prepare text, image and video communications.

  5. Manage social media accounts.

  6. Manage social media accounts. Interact with followers (private messages and comments).

  7. We create a sales tunnel, bringing the target audience to the goal of buying the product or service.

  8. We take care of the creation and management of the Chat BOT.

  9. We take care of Facebook pixel implementation and conversion.

  10. We provide insights and monthly reports (what worked and what can be done better).

Social network administration

  1. More potential and existing customers will see you.

  2. Cheaper lead generation.

  3. A clear return on investment.

  4. Potential customer discovery.

We administer the following social networks:

With so many social networks on the market, trust the professionals to manage them!

• Facebook

• Linkedin

• Twitter

• Instagram

• Youtube

Our completed projects

After listening to our customer’s wishes and needs, we bring together the professionals in our team to ensure that the goal is achieved as efficiently and quickly as possible. In the end, we deliver the best possible result for our customers.

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Free marketing audit

A marketing audit is a procedure that evaluates and analyses a company's marketing strategy. This way, strengths and weaknesses are identified and a plan is drawn up to improve efficiency and productivity and achieve even better results.

Social media marketing

Social networks are a great way to improve communication with your customers. It is a tool that helps you learn about the expectations, desires and goals of the people you work with.

Free Facebook Ads Audit

A free Facebook Ads Audit helps you identify areas performing well and improve your performance. That way you'll know what's working and what you can improve.

Free Google Ads Audit

A free Google Ads audit will help you uncover where the most significant problems lie. Once you've figured that out, you'll know how else you can improve and move forward.

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Free SEO Audit

A free SEO audit is a tool that helps determine whether you are well-visible in search engines. During the audit, we identify the most significant issues. By entrusting this task to our team of professionals, you will improve much faster.