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Klientas: Dental clinic / Metai: 2023 / Sritis: Marketing management

Website design

Communication slogans

Attentive Smiles Clinic


The ideal smile created in peace


With you every step of the way


Social media design

Kristina Kazlauskienė

Kristina Kazlauskienė

Dentist, clinic manager

Kristina Kazlauskienė

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Expertmedia team for their cooperation and marketing strategy, which perfectly matched the needs of our clinic. The newly designed style and image of the website, together with the photo shoot, highlighted our uniqueness, which is very important in today’s market. I am happy to have found partners who respond quickly to various issues, who spare no time, interesting insights and new points of view. “The Expertmedia team has shown what it means to have smooth communication and professional solutions that deliver the best results.